Freedom lighting



 Special project with HUMAN SCALE lighting company. 

Early in the design process, we discover even though the technology of the light itself has advanced in many ways, the basic structure of the lamp hasn't changed that much.

One of the ideas that seemed very natural, was to add the lamp to the growing list of wireless appliances like cell phones and vacuum cleaners.


The shape allowed us to have a movement within itself, and we used it to achieve 3 different light directions for various situations. There are two types of light – while the lamp is standing upright, the center lights up with ambient light, and when you tilt it to the right or to the left, the light changes to task light in the chosen direction.


The lamp works with two mercury switches that close the electric circuit when the body tilts to the side. The center light only works when the other ones are closed, which happens only when the lampstands up right.

To extend the feeling of movement and mobility we designed a wireless charger for the lamp that hangs on the wall and completes the shape.





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